Wil Reynolds

Associate, SEER Interactive

Charities You Feel Closest To
Alex’s Lemonade, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Covenant House, and Startup Corps

Boards/Committees You Are A Member Of
Covenant House

Most Recent Non-Profit Social Event You Attended
I’m going to one today for Startup Corps (8/14), before that we had Big Brothers and Big Sisters come in to discuss how we could work with them.

Next Non-Profit Social Event You Have On Your Calendar
The Covenant House is having an information session coming up soon, I’ll be attending that.

Non-Profit Social Event You Look Forward To Each Year
Little Smiles Annual Fundraiser. Steve Grandizio does such an amazing job with the organization. I have missed it 3 years in a row due to business travel, but I look forward to it every year.

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be
TELEPORTATION!!! It would save me time on traveling :)

Favorite Pastime In The Greater Philadelphia Region
Going for a walk. I know it sounds basic, but my schedule is pretty packed with travel, and there is something about having the time to go for a long walk, from my neighborhood to center city that I love.

Best Advice You Could Offer Someone Looking To Get Involved In The Philadelphia Non-Profit Community
Just do it. There will always be other things, but if you schedule the time, you’ll make it happen.

Favorite Childhood Memory
Dancing with my mom (I stood on a green pleather ottoman) to Hall and Oates songs while she vacuumed.

Fun Fact About Yourself
I am completely in love with my dog Coltrane, a black lab pit mix. Someday I hope to buy a farm and work with rescue dogs there.

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