Melissa Rudolph

Web Marketing at West Chester University
Owner at Creative Melissa Designs

Charities You Feel Closest To
Team Lyme, we run because Lyme Disease ticks us off!

Boards/Committees You Are A Member Of
Founder and Director of Team Lyme, an 100% volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness of Lyme Disease. Team Lymers live across the country and participate in walks, runs, triathlons, and events to raise awareness of Lyme Disease.

Most Recent Non-Profit Social Event You Attended
Broad Street Run

Next Non-Profit Social Event You Have On Your Calendar
Tim Kerr 7 Mile Run in Avalon, NJ

Non-Profit Social Event You Look Forward To Each Year
Penn State THON, FTK!

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be
Superhuman Intelligence so I could eliminate Lyme Disease …and all diseases/cancers/illness for that matter.

Favorite Pastime In The Greater Philadelphia Region
Attending local events and festivals (Networking events, Swingin’ Summer Thursdays, Restaurant Fest, etc). Fun times plus, I get a boost of inspiration and creativity from people running their own businesses or charities.

Best Advice You Have Every Received
Bacon cheeseburgers, old bay fries, ice cold beers. During a long race, think about your post-race meal….motivation!

Favorite Childhood Memory
Anything Christmas!

Fun Fact About Yourself
When I was little I videotaped myself lip-syncing in “music videos” and acting in commercials. 20+ years later, they’re still too embarrassing to watch. ha!

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