Josh Maxwell

Mayor of Downingtown

Boards/Committees You Are A Member Of
Downingtown Main Street Association, Downingtown Community Education Foundation

Most Recent Non-Profit Social Event You Attended
I most recently attended our Downingtown Main Street Association’s holiday dinner

Next Non-Profit Social Event You Have On Your Calendar
Chester County Jazz Festival Buzz Event

Non-Profit Social Event You Look Forward To Each Year
Downingtown Rotary Club Victory Beer-tasting for Chester County Goodworks

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be
I would like to be able to transport to anywhere in the world on a moments notice. It would be amazing and a dream come true to be able to see the entire world before I died.

Favorite Pastime In The Greater Philadelphia Region
Phillies games at Citizens Bank Park. The best time to follow baseball in Philadelphia, its a gorgeous park and amazing fans. I always enjoy going to game on a nice summer night.

Favorite Childhood Memory
Being selected as a Youth Deacon at my church. I spent the year visiting hospitals and delivering meals to people in need. It changed my life and set me on a path of public service.

Fun Fact About Yourself
I am the youngest Mayor in Downingtown’s history, elected at the age of 26.

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