Christopher Barnes

Managing Partner, Lucky’s Last Chance

Charities You Feel Closest To
I feel close to anything cancer related. Especially the small, close knit organizations, where you can really see the passion in everyone involved. These little groups are the ones the that really bring awareness to a personal and local level. You can actually meet and talk to these individuals, and hear their stories. Then you can truly be inspired.

Boards/Committees You Are A Member Of
• Founding Board Member: Down Goes Cancer – The Joe Mak Memorial Foundation
• Board Member: Manayunk Development Corporation
• Dedicated member of team “Lucky’s Last Stache” as a part of Movember, with a really cool group of individuals

Most Recent Non-Profit Social Event You Attended
• February 23rd Build for Designing 4 Hope. This group builds dream rooms for kids with cancer, so they have a place to, as they say, “rest, recover, heal & dream”
• Manayunk-Roxborough Food Co-op Fundraiser
• Fundraiser for “Woman of the Year” for Meredith Hankins

Next Non-Profit Social Event You Have On Your Calendar
Annual Kick Ball Tournament for Cure for all Colors March 23rd . The money goes to the American Cancer Association. It’s a pre event for Relay for Life. Always a great day, with some amazing people.

Non-Profit Social Event You Look Forward To Each Year
Down Goes Cancer Strikes Back – Bowling Event for The Joe Mak Memorial Foundation. This was one our first events when we started the foundation, and has become my favorite annual event now.

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be
I would love to be able to stop time. The things you would be able to accomplish if you could pause time for everyone else. The possibilities are endless.

Favorite Pastime In The Greater Philadelphia Region
It’s definitely hard to pick just one, but I never get tired of impromptu food tours throughout Philadelphia. There are so many unique little imaginative places both old and new.

Best Advice You Could Offer Someone Looking To Get Involved In The Non-Profit Community
Find one thing you are passionate about and throw yourself in head first. There are so many people that donate their time every day, the hardest part is deciding how many things you can reasonably be a part of.

Favorite Childhood Memory
Spending the day at Fenway Park with my grandfather, and having to name all of the players by just their number, I know this may not be a popular answer in Philadelphia now, but the many years of coming so close just to lose to the Yankees, is part of what made me fall in Love with Philadelphia. The people and their passion for sports and mutual hatred of anything sports in New York. It turned me into a Phillies fan, almost instantly.

Fun Fact About Yourself
I am a food junkie, specifically with hot dogs and BBQ. I have dragged my wife and friends on hour long road trips just to find a cool old hot dog joint in the middle of now where. It is an endless quest, but a delicious one.

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